Julian Elischer wrote:
[stuff snipped]
>On 10/10/17 4:25 am, Rick Macklem wrote:
>> --> As such, having a fixed reasonable # of threads is probably the best
>>        that can be done.
>>        - The current patch has the # of threads as a sysctl with a default 
>> of 32.
>why not set it to ncpu or something?
Well, each of these threads will do an RPC, which means a couple of short
bursts of CPU and then sleep the rest of the time waiting for the RPC reply
to come back from the Data Server.
As such, it would seem to me that you would want a lot more threads than
CPUs on the machine?
However, setting the default to "N * ncpu" seems better than just a fixed "32"
to me. (For nfsd, the current default is 8 * ncpu, so maybe that is a good
default for this too?)
What do you think?

Thanks for the comment, rick

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