On 10/10/2017 16:15, Thomas Laus wrote:
> I have been having some boot issues after upgrading to r324427 this
> week.  It gets to the step of accessing my Geli encrypted swap partition
> and then drops to the ddb> prompt.  Sometimes it works but mostly it
> does not.  Booting with r323984 is flawless.  Has anything been changed
> between these 2 revisions that would affect me?  Booting in single
> usermode works fine on r324427 but immediately goes to the ddb> prompt
> when terminating with a 'ctrl-d' to go into multi-user mode.
> Is there anything that I might have missed in the UPDATING instruction
> that might cause this.  I don't have any errors on this partition that
> gpart status finds.
> Tom

Before the ddb> prompt there should be a message explaining what has
gone wrong to make it drops into the debugger. If it has scrolled off
the top of the screen, press scroll-lock and then you can use the arrow
keys to navigate back up into the buffer.

Allan Jude
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