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> Yuri Pankov wrote:
> > All file operations (e.g. copying the file over NFSv3 for me) seem to be
> > stuck running the latest -current (r325100).  Reverting just the kernel
> > to r323779 (arbitrary chosen) seems to help.  I noticed the "Stale file
> > handle when mounting nfs" message but I don't get the "stale file
> > handle" messages from mount, probably as I'm not running any linux clients.
> These kinds of problems are usually related to your net interface device
> driver or the TCP stack.
> A couple of things to try:
> - Disable TSO (look for a sysctl with "tso" in it).

The sysctl is net.inet.tcp.tso. You can also disable tso through ifconfig 
for an interface.

Additionally, though not directly related to this, TSO is not generally 
firewall friendly either. Our friends at pfsense document it be disabled. 
It can cause issues with our ipfilter firewall on some interfaces (e.g. 
fxp). I also recall reading a Juniper KB about path MTU discovery and TSO 
not playing well together.

Not that TSO is bad but disabling it is something to try when diagnosing 
network problems.

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