Jairo Montes schrieb am 30.10.2017 17:09

Hi people!

My problem appears only when unplugging one device. I can have more than
one connected, but when I disconnect one, an error occurs, and if I plug in
a device, even the same I just unplugged, it won't be loaded. I don't know
if the problem comes from pcsc-lite or FreeBSD (libusb).

Information requested for support at:

- ccid-1.4.27
- pcsc-lite-1.8.22,2
- Inside Secure AT90SCR200
- Enabled features: FreeBSD amd64-portbld-freebsd12.0 serial usb libusb
    usbdropdir=/usr/local/lib/pcsc/drivers/ ipcdir=/var/run/pcscd

- FreeBSD 10.4-STABLE and 12.0-CURRENT r323761 amd64
- Standard compatible PC (Intel i5-6500)
- No card involved. It does the same with or without a card.
- SCM Microsystems Inc. SCR 335,  Inside Secure AT90SCR200.

The output of pcscd is attached to this email.

Any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance people.

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Versand am 30.10.2017 17:09 von Montes Jairo

00000000 debuglog.c:289:DebugLogSetLevel() debug level=debug
00000130 debuglog.c:310:DebugLogSetCategory() Debug options: APDU
00000013 pcscdaemon.c:350:main() Force colored logs
00001329 configfile.l:361:DBGetReaderList() Parsing conf file: 
00000055 pcscdaemon.c:658:main() pcsc-lite 1.8.22 daemon ready.
00007823 hotplug_libusb.c:440:HPEstablishUSBNotifications() Driver 
ifd-ccid.bundle does not support IFD_GENERATE_HOTPLUG. Using active polling 
00000024 hotplug_libusb.c:449:HPEstablishUSBNotifications() Polling forced 
every 1 second(s)
02706597 hotplug_libusb.c:536:HPAddHotPluggable() Adding USB device: 0:3:0
00000119 readerfactory.c:1074:RFInitializeReader() Attempting startup of Inside 
Secure AT90SCR200 00 00 using 
00000244 readerfactory.c:949:RFBindFunctions() Loading IFD Handler 3.0
00000064 ifdhandler.c:1965:init_driver() Driver version: 1.4.27
00002735 ifdhandler.c:1982:init_driver() LogLevel: 0x0003
00000021 ifdhandler.c:1993:init_driver() DriverOptions: 0x0000
00001206 ifdhandler.c:111:CreateChannelByNameOrChannel() Lun: 0, device: 
00000053 ccid_usb.c:302:OpenUSBByName() Using: 
00001026 pcscdaemon.c:191:signal_thread() Received signal: 30
00000022 hotplug_libusb.c:651:HPReCheckSerialReaders()
00001146 ccid_usb.c:320:OpenUSBByName() ifdManufacturerString: Ludovic Rousseau 
00000017 ccid_usb.c:321:OpenUSBByName() ifdProductString: Generic CCID driver
00000012 ccid_usb.c:322:OpenUSBByName() Copyright: This driver is protected by 
terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1, or (at your option) 
any later version.
00000695 ccid_usb.c:656:OpenUSBByName() Found Vendor/Product: 2406/6407 (Inside 
Secure AT90SCR200)
00000018 ccid_usb.c:658:OpenUSBByName() Using USB bus/device: 0/3
00000009 ccid_usb.c:717:OpenUSBByName() bNumDataRatesSupported is 0
00058934 ifdhandler.c:382:IFDHGetCapabilities() tag: 0xFB3, 
usb:2406/6407:libusb-1.0:0:3:0 (lun: 0)
00000020 readerfactory.c:396:RFAddReader() Using the reader polling thread
00000340 ifdhandler.c:382:IFDHGetCapabilities() tag: 0xFAE, 
usb:2406/6407:libusb-1.0:0:3:0 (lun: 0)
00000016 ifdhandler.c:477:IFDHGetCapabilities() Reader supports 1 slot(s)
02329676 pcscdaemon.c:191:signal_thread() Received signal: 30
00000022 hotplug_libusb.c:651:HPReCheckSerialReaders()
00714597 hotplug_libusb.c:626:HPRemoveHotPluggable() Removing USB device[0]: 
00000028 readerfactory.c:609:RFRemoveReader() UnrefReader() count was: 1
00000011 eventhandler.c:173:EHDestroyEventHandler() Stomping thread.
00000016 ifdhandler.c:382:IFDHGetCapabilities() tag: 0xFB1, 
usb:2406/6407:libusb-1.0:0:3:0 (lun: 0)
00000010 ifdhandler.c:382:IFDHGetCapabilities() tag: 0xFB2, 
usb:2406/6407:libusb-1.0:0:3:0 (lun: 0)
00000009 eventhandler.c:198:EHDestroyEventHandler() Request stopping of polling 
00000009 ifdhandler.c:347:IFDHStopPolling() usb:2406/6407:libusb-1.0:0:3:0 
(lun: 0)
00000017 ccid_usb.c:1389:InterruptStop() libusb_cancel_transfer failed: -5
02407712 pcscdaemon.c:191:signal_thread() Received signal: 2
00000018 pcscdaemon.c:224:signal_thread() Preparing for suicide
01062749 readerfactory.c:1352:RFCleanupReaders() entering cleaning function
00000023 readerfactory.c:1361:RFCleanupReaders() Stopping reader: Inside Secure 
AT90SCR200 00 00
00000012 readerfactory.c:609:RFRemoveReader() UnrefReader() count was: 0
00000024 winscard_svc.c:155:ContextsDeinitialize() remaining threads: 0
00000009 pcscdaemon.c:779:at_exit() cleaning /var/run/pcscd
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