> On 1 Nov 2017, at 19:37, far...@t-online.de wrote:
>    Firstly, I couldn't find an answer for this specific problem, so I
>    apologize when this is a common problem.
>    Recently I installed FreeBSD again on a new laptop (Thinkpad T470
>    20HES2SF00). On my desktop, the OS runs without problems with Xorg.
>    I have chosen FreeBSD 12.0-CURRENT for that, because I need support for
>    the iwm 8265 device + kabylake support via drm-next-kmod.
>    Booting into the OS after the installation works (I use ZFS + GELI
>    encryption), but when I reboot via reboot(8)
> <https://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=reboot&sektion=8&manpath=freebsd-release-ports>
>     or shutdown -r now I'm stuck on the BIOS splash screen.
>    Shutting down the computer and do a fresh boot works as expected, only
>    rebooting doesn't work. The OS before (void linux, and well the
>    preinstalled windows 10) didn't have that problem. Furthermore, the
>    reboot is stuck only when fully logged in on the system before,
>    rebooting from the FreeBSD bootloader works without problems.
>    FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE is stuck on reboot too.
>    BIOS is version 1.30. Boot order is primary the SSD (I deactivated all
>    others to test) UEFI boot, tried with/-out secure boot and old bios
>    boot too.
>    Is this a known problem? How can i fix it? Or how can I debug the
>    problem, I would be thankful for some pointers.
>    FreeBSD is pretty new to me, using it for some month as a second system
>    on my desktop computer, but using GNU/Linux for over a decade and use
>    the terminal extensively, so I hope I'm not completely incapable to fix
>    the problem with some help!
>    Hope it was understandable and thanks in advance!
> copy of https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/63050/

This sounds like that system needs more serious resetting; The reboot from boot 
loader can work because boot loader does not really touch the hardware much - 
the boot loader only is using firmware services and those (probably) do not 
change the hardware state that much.

Still the first thing to check is the firmware/bios update….


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