uuuuugh okay

So it's a chicken/egg problem.

You can't finish the device probe/attach until the firmware loads.

For iwn, you can read the chipset abilities and mac address from
EPROM/flash on the chip without the firmware being loaded, so you can
complete probe/attach before the root filesystem is mounted.

For iwm, you have to load the firmware before you can read the chipset
abilities and MAC address so you can't complete probe/attach until
AFTER the root filesystem is mounted.

If someone wants to go add all of that support in to have probe/attach
deferred until after rootfs is available then please do so. Or, just
support the firmware being 100% compiled in- but when I tried this the
last time I ran out of some firmware arena size preventing other
firmware for other chipsets from being loaded.

Otherwise this is the current hack. :)


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