On 11/03/2017 13:14, Bryan Drewery wrote:
On 11/2/2017 8:58 PM, Warner Losh wrote:
FreeBSD has grown too big to test every possible thing before you commit.
The build itself is massive.  I usually forget about release/ and the
new 'make packages', external toolchain, "old style" kernel builds, etc.

Steve's concerns have validity.   I do think it's time we have an
automated suite to test most build cases for things like bmake upgrades
or other high risk changes like META_MODE.

I'll think about this and add to my list of things to implement.

hey Bryan - this sounds like a pretty awesome task to take on, i'd be willing to help out with this effort as well.  if/when you come up with a plan would it be possible to ping freebsd-current@ so that i can see if there is anything i'll be able to help out with (assuming there isn't already a wiki or list somewhere i can reference to see where i may be able to chip in)?


Pete Wright

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