On 01.11.17 14:21, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
On Wed, 1 Nov 2017, Tijl Coosemans wrote:
Please commit it to the ports tree as well, because there are reports
that ftp/curl can trigger the problem.

What Andreas and me usually are doing is that he commits fixes
upstream (from HEAD down to release branches), I pick them up when
updating the gcc*-devel ports, and if important he temporarily adds
patches to the gcc* ports until the next release obsoletes them.

Andreas, I can take of the gcc* ports this time once you have
pushed things upstream.

Pushed on all active branches, 8/7/6.

If you could do the gcc* branches, yes please. I got one request to have the patch also in gcc5, see in the original (https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=82635). It's up on you if we will support this. I don't mind running a test on gcc-5.5. Let me know.

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