On 11/21/17 13:04, Warner Losh wrote:
> I think I see the problem... There's no LOADER_SUPPORT_GELI in the
> gptzfsboot built. Let me fix that... Seems to be caused by having
> HAVE_GPT instead of HAVE_GELI.... r326069 should get this working again.
> Can you confirm this independently.
> Sorry for the breakage. Clearly a bonehead mistake on my part.
Updating to r326070 fixed that problem.  I have another one when
performing a nfs mount on my desktop to update my laptop to the same
release.  Mergemaster complains about not having permission to write to
the nfs mounted /usr/src directory.  All of my previous updates always
wrote the temporary files to a local laptop tmp directory and never
required write access to the nfs mounted /usr/src.

I'll dig into the second problem a little more and see if additional
information can be gained.

Thank you and Andriy for the help in solving this one.


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