Hi Michael,

2017-12-09 4:57 GMT+01:00 Michael Butler <i...@protected-networks.net>:
> As clang builds for multiple targets unconditionally, it takes *days* to
> build on one of my devices (700MHz Pentium-3).
> Is there a way to restrict the build targets to i386 only? If not, can we
> implement one?

Regardless of the discussion of how and whether this may be
implemented, do take into consideration that the target specific bits
in Clang only account for a minority of the build time. It is not as
if Clang is literally built multiple times, once for every
architecture. The build will likely still take several days, even if
this got fixed.

Have you considered doing builds on some other system and copying the
results over? According to Wikipedia, they stopped producing Pentium
III CPUs 14 years ago. Using these systems to do actual builds sounds
like a waste of electricity.

Ed Schouten <e...@nuxi.nl>
Nuxi, 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
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