> On 9 Dec 2017, at 19:56, Warner Losh <i...@bsdimp.com> wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 9, 2017 at 7:12 AM, Thomas Laus <lau...@acm.org> wrote:
>> On 12/08/17 22:06, Warner Losh wrote:
>>> Clean build?
>> It was a clean build.  I performed a rm -rf /usr/obj/* before starting
>> the buildworld after cvs updating to r326720.
>> A couple of notes on my hardware:
>> I am not using UEFI and my CPU is an early Intel i5 Skylake that has the
>> Silicon Debug flag turned on as a default.  Most operating systems
>> including FreeBSD turn off this flag during the boot process because of
>> security concerns.  Since BTX is very early in the boot process, the
>> computer is powered up with SDBG turned on.
> OK. I don't recall seeing a screen shot of the entire boot. Can you send
> that too (privately if you like) so I know exactly what's failing? Is it
> gptzfsboot loading /boot/loader? Is it early in /boot/laoder or ????

With BIOS boot you can try to press key (space or anything else except enter) - 
if boot1 is good, you will get boot: prompt.


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