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When you boot into FreeBSD and you can select kernels, there's only 2
default and kernel.old

Is there a way to have better output and support multiple kernels without
having to login to the system and running uname -v or something like that?

Would it be possible to add options for more kernels from that boot menu?
There sure is! How's your forth?
Honestly, it's an extremely simple, yet powerful language. All the old
Macintoshes used it (think BIOS). You could then simply add as many
kernel entries as you felt you needed.
OTOH You could simply break to the boot loader, and pick any kernel you
wanted. :-)
All of this also assumes you're manually making copies of the kernel(s)
your interested in saving. As a default install kernel only backs up
the previous one -- but you already knew that. :-)



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