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>> Group:
>> I updated my amd64 computer today to r326622 and copied the
>> /boot/gptzfsboot file to each of my ZFS hard drives p1 partition.  The
>> BTX loader stopped and could not load.  This rendered my system
>> 'un-bootable'.  I copied this file from an earlier live filesystem CD,
>> which restored my computer and enabled me to boot.
> Any chance you can bisect when this happened? I think I'll need more
> details to see what happened. What was your old loader that world based on?

I believe that these issues have been corrected in r326888. My refactoring
to make it easier to bring in the lua boot loader in r326593 (after
breaking the build in r326584 accidentally) uncovered some latent subtle
ordering issues. This cause GELI-enabled (but not even using) ZFS boot
loaders to fail. This was related to an odd interaction between zfs and
geli implementation files in gptzfsboot (and zfsboot) which caused us to
have two different implementations of malloc, with all the fun you'd expect
when the second one got called.

If you have issues after r326888, please let me know.

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