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> > I will let the C720 over night under power while sitting in the boot menu,
> > maybe this will fix the RTC battery issue.
> > 
> Last time I worked on RTC stuff, cleaning this up got put on my "to-do
> some day" list.  I think maybe that day has arrived.
> -- Ian

For the moment we solved the issue by booting some older r28nnnn
memstick, writing a correct date with ntpdate into the RTC and rebooted
without poweroff. It seems that the RTC survives even some short

The CMOS battery is soldered on the motherboard of the Acer C720, i.e.
no chance to be replaced.

The issue must be fixed in FreeBSD, i.e. it should boot even with a
broken RTC. Should I file a PR for this?

I'm happy to test any patch for this.


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