On 01/03/18 13:37, Ed Schouten wrote:
2018-01-01 11:36 GMT+01:00 Konstantin Belousov <kostik...@gmail.com>:
On x86, the CPUID instruction leaf 0x1 returns the information in
%ebx register.
Hm, weird. Why don't we extend sysctl to include this info?
For the same reason we do not provide a sysctl to add two integers.
I strongly agree with Kostik on this one. Why add stuff to the kernel,
if userspace is already capable of extracting this? Adding that stuff
to sysctl has the downside that it will effectively introduce yet
another FreeBSDism, whereas something generic already exists.

Well, kind of. The userspace version is platform-dependent and not always available: for example, on PPC, you can't do this from userland and we provide a sysctl machdep.cacheline_size to userland. It would be nice to have an MI API.
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