On 04.01.2018 22:07, Michael Butler wrote:

> Interestingly, the Xeon 5400 series is not listed as vulnerable in the
> Intel documentation where the 5500 and 5600s are; I checked as I have a
> bunch of E5440s in service.
> https://security-center.intel.com/advisory.aspx?intelid=INTEL-SA-00088&languageid=en-fr

Thanks for the link. Seems this was not available when I searched for a
list of vulnerable CPUs.

I'm not sure about Xeon W5590, it is on the list but the spectre poc
does not read anything.

For meltdown, somewhere in the news I read that all Intel CPUs since
1995 are vulnerable, which is rubbish.
The paper says Intel CPUs since 2010.

I tried different approaches to get meltdown working on Xeon E5420 and
W5590 (launched Q3/2009) ... just nothing.

So I am really happy that my 10 HP Proliant DL360 G5 are still safe.
At least for me, a lot of panic for nothing.
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