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> Hey,
> i´m trying to build a custom kernel with no sound support build in.
> This is my make.conf:
> and this is my kernel configuration:
> ident   MYKERNEL
> nodevice        sound           # Generic sound driver (required)
> nodevice        snd_es137x      # Ensoniq AUdioPCI ES137x
> nodevice        snd_hda         # Intel High Definition Audio
> nodevice        snd_ich         # Intel, Nvidia and other ICH AC'97 audio
> nodevice        snd_uaudio      # USB Audio
> nodevice        snd_via8233     # VIA VT823x Audio
> The problem is when i try to compile it with "make buildkernel" the
> build process starts, but it stop with the error that it can´t find the
> header file "channel_if.h".
> /usr/src/sys/dev/sound/pcm/channel.h:256:10: fatal error: 'channel_if.h'
> file not found
> #include "channel_if.h"
>          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> The intention behind the custom kernel is to try 'oss' form the
> ports tree.

​You're missing a few of the sound drivers.  Here's the section from
GENERIC on 11.1 for sound (it's the same for 10.4 and 12-CURRENT):

​# Sound support
device          sound                   # Generic sound driver (required)
device          snd_cmi                 # CMedia CMI8338/CMI8738
device          snd_csa                 # Crystal Semiconductor CS461x/428x
device          snd_emu10kx             # Creative SoundBlaster Live! and
device          snd_es137x              # Ensoniq AudioPCI ES137x
device          snd_hda                 # Intel High Definition Audio
device          snd_ich                 # Intel, NVidia and other ICH AC'97
device          snd_via8233             # VIA VT8233x Audio

​So you need to add nodevice entries for all the ones that you are missing
(snd_cmi, snd_cma, snd_emu10kx).​

Always check the kernel config file you are including to see what you need
to exclude via nodevice.  :)

Freddie Cash
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