On 01/15/2018 09:26, Pete Wright wrote:

I updated an amd64 system last night to r327979 and it panics into gdb after rc attempts to mount local filesystems.

The panic line is:
Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode

gdb states that it stopped at:
Stopped at    prison_allow+0x4    movq    0x30(%rdi),%rax

Is this a known issue?  This is my primary workstation - so I'm going to revert back to an older kernel, but if more info is needed I can put some cycles into debugging today.

closing the loop on this.  it looks like the panic was due to debugfs being mounted on my system.  debugfs is part of the drm-next-kmod port which enables i915 gfx on recent intel GPU's, and debugfs doesn't *need* to be mounted but is quite useful and fun to play with.

anywho - the fix on my end is to:
- remove the drm-next-kmod port/pkg
- build and install latest kernel+world
- reboot and build/install the drm-next-kmod port/pkg
- reboot and enjoy i915 graphics

i'm kinda interested in what prison_allow does now as i haven't run across it before.  is this part of the jails infrastrucutre?


Pete Wright

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