For the last while (several months), whenever I try to build
a RELENG_4 release from my -current box, it fails building gcc.

As -current is supposed to be "fluid" for the next several months,
I wanted to make a set of -current and -stable CDs now.

The current build was fine. To build stable I did the following:

# cd  /usr; rm -rf src.stable;mkdir src.stable
# rm -rf /usr/obj/usr/src.stable
# su kent
% cd src.stable
% cvs -R -d /home/ncvs co -r RELENG_4 src 
% cd src.stable; mv src/* .;rmdir src
% make buildworld >& build.log

and it blew up linking cc1plus.

I built -stable as me so as to be sure no system files
were touched. But I'm also confused as I thought
"buildworld" was self-contained -- as long as a reasonably
current make was available to jump-start the process.

Thoughts & corrections greatly welcomed.


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