Beginning with 12.0-CURRENT VM image:


and continuing with 12.0-CURRENT VM image:


when a USB flash drive is present via the attached USB 3.0 controller
the console hangs for 10-12 minutes during boot and then emits the
error messages seen in the attachment.

The UFS filesystem on the USB flash drive cannot be mounted.

If the USB flash drive is connected via the attached USB 2.0
controller, everything is good.

This problem is not manifested in any 10.4-STABLE or 11.1-STABLE VM

The host system is CentOS EL7 7.1708.

VirtualBox version is 5.2.6.

The USB 3.0 controller uses a VIA chipset.

System is for test purposes only, so it is easy to try anything that
might help resolve this problem.


David Boyd <>
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