Last weekend I updated a CURRENT server to recent CURRENT, > r328400 and 
updates of the ports tree. Since Sunday, I receive segmenatation faults (SIG 
11) when
accessing the server, especially with setup of nextcloud, refdb, phpldapadmin 
and any
other access with LDAP backend (all https).

The message on console is:

pid 23108 (httpd), uid 80: exited on signal 11
pid 32283 (httpd), uid 80: exited on signal 11
pid 21286 (httpd), uid 80: exited on signal 11
pid 10292 (httpd), uid 80: exited on signal 11

I do not see anything else! Neither in the log (no matter what log level I 
switch on) nor

Configuration hasn't changed.

What the ... is up with the system? How can I dig into the problem?

Thanks for advices in advance,

O. Hartmann

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