On 02/01, O. Hartmann wrote:
Hello out there,

I got my hands on a Fujitsu Lifebook E751 manufactured 8/2011. The CPU is
a Core i5-2520M, 4GB RAM and QM67 chipset, with an integrated HD3000 graphics.
The display is on this model a Non-Glare HD+ display (1920x1080, I guess).

Neither FreeBSD 11.1-RELENG from USB flash nor 12-CURRENT as of 25th January
work with the display: after the kernel has booted, I see only distortion and
garbage on the screen. I checked with a recent Ubuntu and the Linux system is
capable of showing nice and fancy graphics - but FreeBSD seems to be incapable
to produce any serious console picture on this 6+ years old HD3000 chipset.
What is the special case on this HD3000 and why isn't FreeBSD supporting it
properly - or am I doing something wrong?


FreeBSD doesn't load graphics drivers automatically by default. This looks like a vga/vesa/efi issue. Are you booting with legacy BIOS or UEFI?

Try loading i915kms blindly (i.e. on the USB installer, pressing Right and Enter to pick Shell and then running kldload i915kms).
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