My laptop, a 2012 vintage Acer with HD3000, has had no such issues under 
-CURRENT. Though the LCD started to display colored vertical lines last year; 
replacing it with a new LCD resolved it.

Can you describe the problem further? Maybe a picture of the distortion you 
describe? What apps are you trying to run. Can you post dmesg, kldstat, and 
Xorg.0 outputs? What does your xorg.conf look like?

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Hello out there,

I got my hands on a Fujitsu Lifebook E751 manufactured 8/2011. The CPU is
a Core i5-2520M, 4GB RAM and QM67 chipset, with an integrated HD3000 graphics.
The display is on this model a Non-Glare HD+ display (1920x1080, I guess).

Neither FreeBSD 11.1-RELENG from USB flash nor 12-CURRENT as of 25th January
work with the display: after the kernel has booted, I see only distortion and
garbage on the screen. I checked with a recent Ubuntu and the Linux system is
capable of showing nice and fancy graphics - but FreeBSD seems to be incapable
to produce any serious console picture on this 6+ years old HD3000 chipset.
What is the special case on this HD3000 and why isn't FreeBSD supporting it
properly - or am I doing something wrong?

Kind regards,
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