Thus spake Sheldon Hearn ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):

> Personally, I'd prefer it if zero implied an unlimited number of

Yes. Fine, too.

> invokations per service per minute.  However, the special case isn't
> really necessary, since you can simply specify some large number (and
> then prepare to have your box dragged under). :-)

Heh. That counts for every piece of software where you can set

> PS: Did you test the patch you sent? :-)


root:~ $ netstat -a | grep localhost.telnet | wc -l

(I wasn't able to stress the system more :)

However, as I just saw, the -R -1 does not work (I tested it with
-DTOOMANY=-1). So -R 0 for unlimited is better (because of strtol).

cat: /home/alex/.sig: No such file or directory

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