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On Thu, Jun 22, 2000 at 01:44:47PM -0700, Brian Fundakowski Feldman wrote:
> For what it's worth, there's a port, ports/sysutils/eject, which is made
> to do this.  I'm not one to deny a simple feature in the base system,
> though, even if this feature is not /really/ that simple.

There are two problems with ports/sysutils/eject:

   = It uses only CDIOCEJECT, which will not work for all removable
     media (e.g. SCSI disks, tapes).

   = It tries to unmount the device after ejecting it.  This doesn't
     make since for all devices.  Even for those that it _does_ make
     sense, it can be hard to correctly determine how (by what name) 
     the device is mounted.  

So I wrote a simple utility that ejects media as follows:

  = Check to see if the given device is known to cam, and if so 
    use camlib to eject it.
  = If that doesn't work, try the CDIOCEJECT ioctl.
  = If that didn't work, give up.

It is available as a port at: http://www.nectar.com/freebsd/neject.tar

Included in the port distfile is a patch (umount.patch) that adds a `-e'
option to umount.  If you use it, then umount will run eject for each
local filesystem that is unmounted.

I figure umount should call eject, rather than the other way around,
since umount already knows the device name and mount point.

I actually think that there should be load/eject media ioctls defined
that are not specific to CDs.  I'll post a separate message to that
effect on -current.

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