Le 19/02/2018 à 15:39, David Wolfskill a écrit :
On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 03:21:50PM +0100, Juan Ramón Molina Menor wrote:
I have done a full build of r329555 to test the new Lua boot loader.

Both the new and the old kernels panic after being loaded with:

panic: running without device atpic requires a local APIC

For reasons unknown, ACPI is off, as shown by David Wolfskill in a
previous message:

That has been fixed (for me, at least).  My last two build/smoke-tests
were at r329517 and r329561; I believe that r329366 was the fix for ACPI

OK show hint.acpi.0.disabled

Setting ACPI to On resolves the issue.

Also, I can not stop boot2 to try to use the copy of the Forth loader:
the keyboard only becomes responsive at the loader stage.

There is an error during this stage:

Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf
Failed to open config: ’/boot/loader.conf.local’

IIUC, that's merely an informational message, not an error.  (None of my
systems have a /boot/loader.conf.local, either.)

Moreover, the "boot [kernel]" loader command does not work:

OK ls /boot/kernel.old/kernel
OK boot kernel.old
Command failed
OK boot /boot/kernel.old/kernel
Command failed
OK boot kernel
Command failed

On the other hand, just "boot" works.

And the Lua loader permits kernel selection, as well (as the Forth
laoder has).

Finally, the double lines drawing a frame around the loader menu do not
work with the new loader and are replaced by ? characters in a box.

That has also been fixed for me (as of r329517).

Hope it helps,


Thanks David. It’s strange I’m having issues resolved for you in commits older than the one I used here…

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