On 02/23/18 07:25, Jon Brawn wrote:
> Wotcha Gang!
> In my travels through the arm64 GENERIC config file I came across the option 
> ‘INTRNG’, and wondered what it was:
> INTeRrupt Next Generation?
> INTeger Random Number Generator?
> IN TRaiNinG?
> INTerrupt Random Number Generator?
> INdependent TRaiNinG?
> So, please put me out of my misery, what does INTRNG stand for, and what are 
> its implications when selected vs not selected?

A quick grep in src/sys gave me this:

MALLOC_DEFINE(M_INTRNG, "intr", "intr interrupt handling");


arm/arm/machdep.c:#if __ARM_ARCH >= 6 && !defined(INTRNG)
arm/arm/machdep.c:#error armv6 requires INTRNG

So it's about interrupts and mandatory for arm processors, I suspect
it's and arm (and mips too, since I found grep hits there too) specific
interrupts handling method.

this looks like the original RFC for this code:


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