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I have a number of rpi3 & rpi3 machines. Usually I want to attach a usb 
keydrive to them so that the sdcard isn't thrashed. They're all running 
-current. usr/src and usr/ports at least are mounted on the keydrive.

When initially updating eg the ports tree, svn will time out/crash because of 
the poor write performance of these devices in a rpi2/3 context. The fs on the 
usb keys is always ufs2. I have tried mounting these devices as -o async and 
also in fstab but this parameter seems not to 'take' in that mount doesn't 
report the async property set:

/dev/da0p2 on /ext (ufs, local, noatime, soft-updates)

was mounted with the command "mount -o async,noatime,rw /dev/da0s2 /ext"
but I can't tell if async is on or just ignored, no error message. And I still 
have to run svnlite cleanup /ext/ports until svnlite stops bailing out. When 
newfs was written, I passed -t  to it to enable trim, which seems to make a 
difference on this for deletes but not writes. Can anyone please suggest 
anything I can so to speed up disk i/o? And is async being applied or ignored?

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