At 16:30 23.06.2000 -0400, Garance A Drosihn wrote:

>> > modified my shared memory settings in my kernel config either.  If
>> > the problem is indeed Xfree 4.0, then I guess it must be a driver
>> > issue (I'm using the neomagic driver).
>>You are running sawfish, and I'm willing to bet a not very graphics
>>intensive config at that.
>Note that Chris (who posted the original message) is also running
>sawmill/sawfish...  (they are the same thing, right?)

Same here. Latest sawfish, and yes, they're the same. The name was 
changed from sawmill to sawfisch because of some trademark/copyright problems.

I'am ready to try another WM and see whether the SHM problems stay or not 
(other solutions didn't exactly work, I _dramatically_ increased all the 
SHM limits in the kernel but still get tons of shm errors from imlib or 
gdk). Yet, I still see excessive shm usage in the output of ipcs (similar 
to the output reported by the original poster).

BTW: It's for sure _not_ a -current issue and might have nothing to do 
with FreeBSD at all, since I'am running 4.0-STABLE on this machine, with 
Xfree 4.0 and Gnome 1.2.

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