On Sat, 24 Jun 2000, Alexander Sanda wrote:

> I'am ready to try another WM and see whether the SHM problems stay or not 
> (other solutions didn't exactly work, I _dramatically_ increased all the 
> SHM limits in the kernel but still get tons of shm errors from imlib or 
> gdk). Yet, I still see excessive shm usage in the output of ipcs (similar 
> to the output reported by the original poster).
> BTW: It's for sure _not_ a -current issue and might have nothing to do 
> with FreeBSD at all, since I'am running 4.0-STABLE on this machine, with 
> Xfree 4.0 and Gnome 1.2.

Can you guys post the output of:

$ ipcs -bmo | awk -- '/^m/ {num++;total+=$7*$8}; END {print num,(total/4096)}'

taken while you are experiencing the problem. The first number is the total
number of shared memory segments currently active and the second should be the
total number of shared memory pages in use. Thanks,


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