Anyone seen these recently?

I just got the following:

panic: deadlkres: possible deadlock detected for (address)  blocked for (big number) ticks

anyone seen similar on very new (yesterday) -current GENERIC. ?
there was a prior message that may or may not be related:

newnfs: server pid741@gamma  error: fileid changed. fsid 0:0: expected fileid 0x1, got 0x2

(amd screwed up).

I suspect that amd is broken on -current
using known good config files results in a hung nfs mount
and even after killing amd, any attempt to touch the mountpoint results in a hung (but interruptable) proccess. For example as /net  was an amd mountpoint,   ls -l /    results in a hung copy of ls.
(but you can get it back with ^C)

I suspect the two are related.


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