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FWIW, I use a very old PC of the type where the processor will not be fixed
by Intel and that still needs support for the traditional BIOS. I also
bought a 3TB HD (they were easier to find that 2T).

If I leave the disk dedicated to FreeBSD it recognizes the complete 3TB and
will happily use ZFS for everything, however I want to dual boot so after
lots of testing I ended up ignoring 1 TB of HD :(.

It does happen that there is a really nice boot loader that could have saved
the day but it is very difficult to install standalone:


Just in case someone has the time and inclination to play with it :)

Is the issue due to using MBR partitioning?  FreeBSD supports booting
from a GPT partition from a traditional BIOS; you don't need EFI.  Is
this machine so old that its BIOS doesn't support booting from GPT?

It's a Dell Optiplex 760 (refurbished). I don't remember the details but FreeBSD supports booting just fine if I dedicate all the HD to FreeBSD/GPT, but the Windows bootloader wont so I needed a bootloader with it's own EFI implementation that would. Clover comes from the Apple/Darwin world and does this but I never managed to install it in a HD; ideally you have to figure out how to install it before installing the OS so I had to install it later in a thumbdrive.

FWIW, the only documentation I could find on the gory details for dual booting (with linux) is here:



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