Can anyone shed light on why a CVSUP'd dirtree I have now always
falls down with the following error?... Because it's CVSUP'd, the
local repository is just /home/ncvs (NFS mounted). I cannot figure out why it
all of a sudden wants to run off the Freefall .....

U usr.sbin/ypset/Makefile
U usr.sbin/ypset/ypset.8
U usr.sbin/ypset/ypset.c
cvs update: Updating usr.sbin/zic
U usr.sbin/zic/Arts.htm
U usr.sbin/zic/Makefile
U usr.sbin/zic/
U usr.sbin/zic/README
U usr.sbin/zic/Theory
U usr.sbin/zic/WWW.htm
U usr.sbin/zic/ialloc.c
U usr.sbin/zic/private.h
U usr.sbin/zic/scheck.c
U usr.sbin/zic/zdump.8
U usr.sbin/zic/zdump.c
U usr.sbin/zic/zic.8
U usr.sbin/zic/zic.c
cvs update: Updating usr.sbin/zic/zdump
U usr.sbin/zic/zdump/Makefile
cvs update: Updating usr.sbin/zic/zic
U usr.sbin/zic/zic/Makefile Connection refused
cvs [update aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)

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