> And the one to yarrow.c ??


> > What are the symptoms?
> It complains about libcrypto & libssl not containing RSA, but it
> might be because make world is broken due to perl...

That means the /dev/random driver is not loaded.

/../../contrib/perl5/configpm line 20.
> Use of uninitialized value at /u1/src/gnu/usr.bin/perl/libperl/../../../../co
ntrib/perl5/configpm line 432.

Fix coming now...

> > > Seems phk's extended Murphy field has found a new victim :)
> > 
> > Always, with a big commit.
> Nah, not if tested proberly :)

Dunno. There seems to be a limit on commit size, after which glitches
are bound to come. I see my job as staying awake long enough to make
things stable enough. :-)

Mark Murray
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