> I must say I'm not all that comfortable with this series of commits - I
> was expecting this to stay in Mark's tree until it at least tries to do
> everything the old driver did. Weakening system security like this for an
> indeterminate period really bothers me.

1) I whined for reviews for long enough. Where were you?
2) With the SMP "Destabilization" of the tree coming, I took the
   opportunity because
   a) Merging differences was going to get harder; and
   b) folk were already warned off the use off CURRENT for
      production purposes.
3) I fully recognise that this needs to be worked on; now that
   I have gotten rid of a lot of mess, I can give it my attention;
   the time is not "indeterminate", it is "work in progress" (Ya, Ya,

Mark Murray
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