FWIW, I also updated to the latest BIOS available for this board,
Supermicro X10SRA, to version: 2.0c Release Date: 09/25/2017.

One thing I noticed is that even though the board supports UEFI,
there was no UEFI update procedure for it, and I had to flash via
a USB stick with a FreeDOS boot image.  Given that, I would
not be terribly... surprised... if the UEFI fw on the board had
 issues with 2TB as well.   All the update seemed to do was
re-order my PCI devices, so I had to revisit my Xorg and
byhve pptdev configurations.

Thankfully, the only module giving issues is nvidia, which is
just as well loaded post-boot.

FWIW, the error is

/boot/modules/nvidia.ko -
elf64_obj_loadimage: read failed

can't load file '/boot/modules/nvidia.ko': input/output error

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