On 05/16/18 10:42, Sean Bruno wrote:
> https://reviews.freebsd.org/D15443
> The FreeBSD Foundation has collaborated with a few folks so that we can
> continue to process and update microcode on FreeBSD.
> This review represents the first step in updating our infrastructure.
> If you are currently using microcode updates, please give this a spin
> and report back if you see a different version of microcode being loaded
> on the new package vs the old package.
> sean
> bcc emaste

Ports svn 470255 updates the microcode package devcpu-data to process
the same files that linux (and the only ones Intel releases now).

If you are a consumer of this package, you should see *no* difference in
the version update to your CPU.  If you do, please respond to this thread.


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