>This would probably be more appropriate on -questions.
Yes, that's why I apologized for posting it here.  It has been posted on 
-questions for several hours but I haven't got an answer, it is getting very 
late on the east coast and I need to resolve this by tomorrow.  Again, I 
apologize for the post, and I thank you for responding.

>I take it the problem started when you updated?  Sounds
>like you may need to recompile your X server or install
>compat3x (the latter is the sane choice)
The problem did not start when I updated (as of May 27th).  I believe that I 
must have accidentally removed the file today.  I did a 'make' in XFree86 to 
see if the libc.so file was created, but it wasn't.  I don't want to go on 
and do 'make install' unless that is definitely be the correct solution.

Can I compile the libc.so.3 from /usr/src/lib/libc?  What would be the exact 

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