Jeremy Lea wrote:

> Hi guys,
> This is BCC'd to ports, since it is mostly for use there...
> I've placed the source for a new command, pkg_which, on
> The idea behind this command is to get Ports/Packages to register their
> dependencies based on what is on the system, not what they think should
> be there.  Thus, if you have old libraries or a different version of
> shostscript installed, this will allow the system to register the
> correct dependency.  Patches to and pkg_add to follow
> shortly.
> At the moment I'd like some people to test and review this.  It works
> for me, but history has shown that to be a poor indicator of real
> success.  Also, I'm not used to style(9), so this might be a mess, and
> the man page certainly needs some work.

Some time ago I had similar idea, but thought about slightly different approach
- use existing pkg_info facilities instead of adding new command. Idea is
simple: add new option to the pkg_info, for example "-f" which takes name of
the file and names of several installed packages. Then pkg_info examines PLISTs
of those packages and returns 0 if the file belongs to those packages or 1 if
it is not (e.g. pkg_info -f /usr/local/bin/somefile package1-1.0 package2-1.0).
This could be easily implemented without much bloat (I think 30-40 lines of
additional code will be sufficient).


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