As a driver/framework developer - no, don't do that.

It's worked mostly great for the video side of things because your
touch points are "the VM system" and "linuxkpi". And they're all in
one big driver pull from Linux.

For wifi as an example - it has a bunch of userland components, a
kernel framework component (net80211); it gets API churn from people
who keep making networking API changes without making them opaque (i
just got bitten by the STAILQ -> CK_STAILQ changes for multicast
iteration, instead of us growing a multicast iterator function thing.)

Having it be multiple drivers/firmware means that anyone doing wifi
development here would have to install /all/ of the relevant packages
and the net80211 stuff and userland just to get any work done and hope
it stays in sync.

It'd be nice if that was our stretch goal, but we ain't there yet.

As for your intel NIC - I'm sorry that you've had issues getting that
into the tree but you can just jump in #freebsd-wifi and whine at us
until we commit it. That's what we're there for.

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