Chuck Robey wrote:
> On Sun, 25 Jun 2000, Kenneth Wayne Culver wrote:
> > Hey chuck, except for the SMP stuff, your config looks mostly like mine (I
> > only have a cpu line for i686) Let me know if there's anything I can do to
> > help though.
> I'm about ready to post again, so this is good timing.
> I got the totally vague warning from to quiet by making my
> disk section look much like the NOTES file.  I then ran it by a brand new
> config, and out spewed more than 25 errors.  The entire section on wiring
> down disks fails, and also all the stuff on npx, even tho that part was
> copied verbatim from NOTES.

You should get no errors from based on the disk section in
NOTES file because those entries are actual hints for device.hints, not
something that you put in a config file and feed to

> I have an Adaptec dual channel controller on my motherboard, and I have 3
> disks and 2 cdroms, which I want to wire down.  There's lines in the NOTES
> examples whose meanings just make no sense to me.  Let me do a bit of
> quoting:
> [from NOTES]
> hint.scbus.1.bus="0"
> hint.scbus.3.bus="0"
> hint.scbus.2.bus="1"
> hint.da.0.unit="0"
> What does ``hint.scbus.1.bus="0"'' mean?  Do I have to stick a number
> after the "device ahc" and "device scbus" lines (the NOTES file
> doesn't).  Are there any other oddities I ought to know of?

It works the same as the other devices:

'device scbus1 at ahc1 bus 0'


When you have a trailing '?' character in an 'at' binding, you leave it out.
eg:"ahc"  (which would have meant "device scbus1 at ahc?")

You do not stick numbers after the 'device ahc' and 'device scbus' lines.
The device wiring comes from the hints (either /boot/device.hints or
the statically compiled in hints)

Perhaps you should post your old *ORIGINAL* config file and I'll do a worked
example conversion...

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