On Fri, 23 Jun 2000 19:05:14 +0200, Stefan Esser wrote:

> 1) I choose "quad_t" for long integers. Is this a good choice ?
>    In the kernel I'd use int64_t, but I'm not sure what is most
>    appropriate here.

I'd use the new C standard's int64_t, since you're specifically looking
for 64-bit width integers.

> 2) There is a new dependency on <sys/types.h> in test.c (for any 
>    of our 64 bit integer types).

These exact-width integer types should really be defined in <inttype.h>,

> 3) The changes to "expr" rely on 32 bit integers being promoted 
>    to 64 bit integers in function calls (actually only invocations
>    of make_integer().)

IT's probably worth chatting the the NetBSD folks about this, since
that's where we got our version of test(1).

> What does Posix say about these programs ?

As long as your operands are integers, POSIX.2 is happy.


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