> > >From what I understood from dfr, when switching away from an interrupt
> > handler it is converted into a full thread. When the second piece of
> > hardware fires an interrupt it could then run at the same time.
> I thought of this almost immediately - it's a bad idea though because it 
> makes it hard to determine when to EOI an interrupt.
> If you expect to perform significant processing in your interrupt 
> handler, you should consider a taskq.

Right. It would be nice however to not have to go through the trouble of
moving things onto different interrupts. Current BIOS's do not quite let
you decide on which interrupt you would like to have assigned to the
various cards. It will spread them in some way, but that might not
spread the two high interrupt count cards onto separate interrupts. You
have to move the hardware around in the slots to get things sorted in
some cases.

I guess that the perfect solution is to be able to hardwire the PCI irqs
in some way once FreeBSD is doing the PnP resource allocation.

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