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> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Martin Cracauer writes:
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> : Message to others for bootstrapping:
> : 
> : Checkout perl (contrib/perl5 and gnu/usr.bin/perl) from -D 20000624,
> : build and install it manually, then update both dirs to HEAD and do a
> : world with the new perl in place.
> Does this mean that I need to add a ntoe to UPDATING?

I rather think that it should be fixed.  Imagine going from 4-stable
to 5-current: in that case you probably can't build the 20000624
version manually due to other reasons.

Since I'm now through it, I don't know the latest problem, but the
last thing I saw that the old lib got used with the new perl (or the
other way round) and that looks like it can be fixed with some path

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