> > I thought build-tools was the answer; sadly that seems to be wrong.
> > Now I'm looking at cross-tools (out of src/makefile.inc1).
> Adding something to bootstrap-tools implies that we can't use the
> installed miniperl (backward compatibility problem) or the host doesn't
> have miniperl.  The bootstrap-tools built miniperl would then be used
> throughout the build and install stages.

What you say supports the theory that build-tools is the answer; however
build-tools seems to want to do an in-place build - not to install the
tool(s) somewhere into the path like cross-tools. I'm in trouble with
cross-tools because libraries are not available :-(.

> Note that bootstrap-tools are built (and installed under /obj) to be run
> on the host.  This means that miniperl is going to be built a second time
> for the target architecture.  The bootstrap-tools stage is designed to
> solve incompatibilities caused by versions of tools installed on the
> system and the requirements (for newer ones) by the source-tree.

OK - I'll try again fro build-tools.

Mark Murray
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