On Mon, Jun 26, 2000 at 09:25:37PM +0200, Guido van Rooij wrote:
> How about adding a hint to the hint driver itself. E.g.
>       device isa
>       device ata
>       hint "hintsfile"        # see hint(4)

I don't think this is enough.  If I botch my hints file enough (and
lets say I fat finger some other files in /usr/src/sys/i386/conf.  Been
there, done that, so lets just assume that it will happen to other
people), I should be able to figure out what I need to configure a device
from the on-line man-pages.

How about something like this:

    device isa
    device ata
    hints "hintsfile"   # see hints(4)

    For ata devices on the isa bus, the hint file must contain:  the
    bus that the device resides on (isa), the I/O port and IRQ.
    For the primary controller, port IO_WD1 and IRQ 14 are used.
    For the secondary controller, port IO_WD2 and IRQ 15 are used.

Maybe the descriptive text could be replaced with something like:

    See the main text for a description of bus/port/IRQ/flag assignments.

And then the main text would include something similar to what I typed

Then hints(4) could tell the user the syntax they actually have
to use and how to use it.  If the syntax changes, then we only have to 
update the generic hints(4).

>From looking at "NOTES", mostly ISA devices are affected.
ppc/scsi/miibus seem to be the other devices (plus another
oddball or two).

I think as long as we can decide how to provide the needed information
in the device specific man pages, this shouldn't be too hard
to actually sit down and do.

Then someone also has to sit down and write hints(4) to back
it all up :-).

Mike Pritchard

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