The comment leading into kmem_malloc (in sys/vm/vm_kern.c) is
worrying me:

 *      This routine has its own private kernel submap (kmem_map) and object
 *      (kmem_object).  This, combined with the fact that only malloc uses
 *      this routine, ensures that we will never block in map or object waits.

Actually, this function is called by m_clalloc (in
sys/kern/uipc_mbuf.c) too.  The comment is obviously wrong.  Is it a
problem that this assumption is violated?

 *      Note that this still only works in a uni-processor environment and
 *      when called at splhigh().

The first part will be news to the folks running SMP. :-) The business
about splhigh is also wrong.  But what worries me is that malloc calls
it at splmem, while m_clalloc calls it at splimp.  Is that a problem?

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