So I cvsupped yesterday, and tehn made a new kernel.
so suddenly ssh doesn't work any more.

it says:

jules# ssh
ssh: no RSA support in libssl and libcrypto.  See ssl(8).
Disabling protocol version 1
Protocol major versions differ: 2 vs. 1

luckily /usr/local/bin/ssh was still there
and still works.....
(same if ssh-ing to freefall as well).
I decided maybe marks broken urandom may be the prolem
but making it a symlink to /dev/random 
didn't help..
jules# ls -l /dev/*rand*
crw-r--r--  1 root  wheel    2,   3 Jun 27 10:26 /dev/random
lrwx------  1 root  wheel         6 Jun 27 10:26 /dev/urandom -> random

Any suggestions..
it worked this morning
and I have NOT changed any user programs/libraries....

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