On 08/08/18 17:13, Warner Losh wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 8, 2018 at 4:39 PM, Sean Bruno <sbr...@freebsd.org
> <mailto:sbr...@freebsd.org>> wrote:
>     tl;dr pxeboot new x86 host, ipmi sol works in loader, not after
>     multiuser.
>     The FreeBSD cluster just acquired 4x Supermicro X11DDW-L and I am having
>     the hardest time with the IPMI SOL interface.
>     I have configured "COM2" as the IPMI SOL interface and enabled console
>     redirection.  Netbooting via pxeboot works well and the loader menu is
>     interactive and responds.
>     After NFS booting into freebsd (current or stable/11), getty fires up
>     and attaches to ttyu0.  It prompts me correctly, but it does not accept
>     my keystrokes.
>     If I do not configure /etc/ttys to enable a tty unconditionally (on vs
>     onifconsole), I see dmesg/kernel boot messages but never get a tty.
>     Its as though FreeBSD does *not* recognize the IPMI SOL port as the
>     console or something and I'm super confused.  Any thoughts here?
> Works fine for me.
> So, let's start with your /boot.config (or /boot/config) loader.conf and
> device,hints settings. Also BIOS or UEFI?
> Warner

Works for you on this exact Supermicro?

I am using the defaults all around.  This is booting BIOS mode PXE, all
console output appears on the IPMI SOL interface.  Driving the beastie
menu in pxeboot/loader works fine.  When the loader hands the uart off
to the kernel, I see all boot output and "everything is fine"

The problem arises when trying to login.  I see the amnesiac login
prompt, but no key strokes are registered.


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