On Wed, 28 Jun 2000, Bruce Evans wrote:

> > The first part will be news to the folks running SMP. :-) The business
> > about splhigh is also wrong.  But what worries me is that malloc calls
> > it at splmem, while m_clalloc calls it at splimp.  Is that a problem?
> malloc() calls it on kmem_map while m_clalloc() call it on mb_map, so I
> think there is no problem in principle.  vm just has to call splvm()
> itself and not depend on kmem_malloc() being called at splvm() (so the
> comment is broken in yet another way).
> Bruce

        There is a general inconsistency in the vm code it seems, for what
  concerns this issue. I noticed it while looking at the mbuf stuff. As you
  mention, kmem_malloc() should really just raise to splvm() itself, as do
  some other routines already in such a situation (look at vm_map).
        As in the mbuf stuff I seperated mb_map into two parts: mb_map and
  mcl_map, the long if () statements in vm_map became tedious, not to
  mention, a slight loss in speed, so what I did (after Emailing dillon
  about it) was add an alloc_intr field in the vm_map. This is set to 1 for
  kmem_map, mb_map, and mcl_map, and is checked in the vm_map stuff to
  decide whether to raise to splvm(), and should probably also be checked
  in kmem_malloc() for the same reason as well. However, I suspect that
  kmem_malloc calls some of those vm_map routines at one point or another
  and they take care of raising to splvm() when necessary, so I don't
  suspect a critical problem. The question is exactly: How much of
  kmem_malloc needs to be under splvm() ?
        In any case, the comment needs to be changed ASAP (I Emailed the
  lists myself about this maybe on 2 different occasions before and have
  gotten no reply).


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